F-Stop Tutorial by Dave Arnold

Dave Arnold, a talented photographer and Flickrist from New Mexico, presents the F Stop tutorial. (The … as if it were the only one on this planet… )

Starting with these meaningful introductorily words

„A short and easy course on what an F stop means to you in basics with an emphasis on humor.
This album is dedicated to SusanA, who made me a bald man over night.“

he tries to clear up the secret world of F stops. A well-proportioned amount of humor is included („some people say Tomato, some people say Tomatoe“), but first of all a large amount of knowledge („If in the beginning of time, whoever thought up these „f-numbers“ had just expressed them as „1/5“ or „1/20“ instead of just „5“ or „20“, we’d
all have saved ourselves a lot of cerebral infarctions“). Knowledge combined with humor – everywhere in David’s explanations. (If you are the unfunny type of human, you should definitely stay away from this tutorial.)


A randomly, but carefully selected preview of Dave Arnold's F-stop tutorial

Wanna know what a tomato has to do with the aperture of lenses? Well then … go ahead. This way, please. You’ll see an amazing slideshow then.


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