Projekt 365 „A German Word“ #1: Fernweh

Well, try to look it up in a dictionary: FERNWEH. You’ll find no close match. Not in English, not in Italian, neither in Spanish nor in any other language.

Fernweh is as german as it gets. It contains „distance“ and „woe, ache“. „Yen to see distant places“ would be an appropriate translation. Sometimes you’ll meet the word „wanderlust“. „Wanderlust“ — a german word to explain a german word. (?!?) It seems as if the wish to travel is essentially German.

Whenever you have itchy feet, you might want to use the word „Fernweh“ instead. ‚Cause it implicatest an emotion between pain and hope wedded to the desire to be someplace else.

Besides: A happy New Year!


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